Love me or send me back within 14 days!

You have 14 working days, after receiving an item from us, to request a refund and to return it in the same condition it was sent out. 

A refund will be issued for the items following their safe return.  We will not however make a refund for the outgoing postage, unless the items are not as described or are damaged. The return postage cost is also your responsibility.  We would strongly recommend you obtain proof of postage for your own benefit, as returned items not received will not be refunded.  We cannot be held responsible for returned goods being lost on- route back to us. Please retain your proof of postage when returning products.

Any faulty items must be reported immediately after receiving them and returned to us (upon request).  In this instance, we will pay for the cost of the return and of course we will send you a replacement item.