A tale of two sisters

Hello! We are  Sally and Jane co-founders of mixmix stories and sisters, best friends and business partners for over 15 years.

So to get to know us -  we both love fashion, colour and style.  So it was now over 15 years ago when we decided to open our little boutique in Southwell - a lovely market town in Nottinghamshire.  

With a background in fashion, marketing and buying we decided the time was right open our dream business.  Our vision was to create a warm and friendly sanctuary where customers would feel relaxed and comfortable - were welcome to simply "have a try" and explore!  Where we didnt have perfect sales assistants trying to force sell anything to you but a place where our customers could ask "what do you think" and know they would get an honest answer.  Where their husbands could pop in and have a laugh - and not feel awkward.  Our unpretentious boutique would be a place where our customers would know we will have put our heart and soul into finding really great pieces for your wardrobe and with pricing points that wouldnt break the bank.

Because - as I said - neither of us are perfect - we believe that being "not perfect" is "perfect".  We are all different - tall, slim, larger, tiny etc., and you know what....that is absolutely fine.  And nothing makes us more happy than when a customer steps out of the changing room with an ear to ear grin knowing they've found a fantastic dress, top or piece of knitwear that they know is going to make them feel utterly fabulous.  That is what makes us really really happy......

So both Jane and I have many years of marketing and merchandising behind us ...but our passion for sourcing clothing and accessories which reflect today's style and budget-conscious women is the thing that drives us to develop and continue to find treasures!

We are so proud that our shop is always brimming with inspiration and creativity, and customers keep coming back - not just because you love our products but because you love the relaxed atmosphere in our very special shop.

So welcome to mixmix stories online......... over the years we have noticed something special about the people that choose mixmix above others. It’s their stories.......

Everyone has a story...buying clothes is not just a whimsical decision.....there is always a story behind the purchase.  These stories are connected to our life and our decisions.....maybe there is a celebration, a need for a change, a new job, a new life, relationship, new baby.....the list goes on.....

Our store has a story is a tale of two sisters who love making women feel confident and it is our honour to share yours.

We look forward to meeting you very soon.

Much love

Jane and Sally