Home Rituals for Autumn!!

In our last journal we spoke a little bit about Autumn and some of our new products we are about to introduce.   Autumn is that wonderful time of year when the change of season really does become a sense of occasion.  So as with all occasions there is always a to do list and the change of the season is no exception.  We brainstormed  some of the things we love to do in our home and thought we would share them with you.

Well the number one change for us is the aroma at this time of year.  Top notes of cinnamon, orange, pumpkins and apple fill our homes with the wonderful of essence of Autumn.

Restyle your coffee table and shelves - choose more autumnal foilage, add some sweet little pumpkins and ofcourse your favourite Autumn Scents.

Think about lighting bringing in lovely lamps with soft lighting to set a cosy and intimate tone.

As the season changes it's time to store away your linens and make way for texture such as soft layers velvet, faux fur and cosy knits.  Add layers to your beds as well making them cosy and inviting.

Enjoy the lovely potted plants of the season - heathers, ranunculus, small pots of trailing ivy and winter greens such as pine and eucalyptus.

And stock up on your favourite cosy drinks such as pumpkin latte or hot chocolate.

It's time to cosy up and enjoy the season.