Going to Paris

We absolutely love to hear your stories.....it's what inspired our name .... and this week is no different.  Our gorgeous knitwear is instore now and a lovey customer bought this beautiful knitted dress.  The sleeve detail is so feminine and the length just perfect - and guess what - this lovely dress is on its way to gay Paris....what a perfect piece to take on a weekend break.  And then we thought what a great subject for a blog...

How to pack the right clothes for a weekend break

1 Keep checking the weather forecasts 

Start by checking the long-range weather forecasts about ten days before you’re due to go away;  knowing whether it’s likely to be wet or dry; warm, cold or freezing is an obvious place to start.

2. Start with your shoes

Start with your shoes and build your outfit from there.   Think about practicalities as well as a pair of shoes for the evening - the worst thing you can do is pack the wrong shoes - you simply won't enjoy yourself and that would be such a shame.   The shoes drive the outfit every time.

3. Then the outerwear

Well we are mid Autumn now and the weather will definitely start to change so getting the coat right is a vital part of the outfit planning.   And ofcourse will drive whatever hats, scarves or gloves you may need to take. 

4. Lay it all out so that you can see it all...

Start with a list of basics then outfit plans......or if you like you could plan it on the pc - I'm a doodler so scribbling notes and little sketches is my way.  You will be able to see where you can cut down - use a basic in different ways and really hone down your outfit plans.  Once you've got to this stage - lay everythiing out on the bed and pair up undies, tights and accessories..outfit by outfit  carefully checking each piece doesnt need a repair or washing.

6. Packing everything up

If you can travel with your clothes hung that great - just attach all the accessories and shoes to the outfit on a coathanger and you are ready to go.  If not carefully pack again wrapping shoes and accessories to each outfit choice.  Add your cosmetics and you are good to go.

Enjoy your break!